Eryka Isaak


After graduating in 1993, I set up a workshop in  Birmingham making one-off sculptural lighting, inspired by carnivorous, Jurassic and extra-terrestrial plant life.

Using various glass-forming techniques and exploring the relationships between glass, copper, light, concrete and stone I created floor, wall and table lamps, as well as huge chandeliers. Each piece was created either purely for personal expression, or as a response to a client's.

Each piece is unique. Small, large and modular hangings.  bowls, clocks, bespoke signs. Wall tiles, mirrors, glass panel screens.  light bowls.

I work with architects and builders to create site specific installations.

Icons trapped between the two layers of glass are cut out, bent, hammered by hand. the different layers create different colours, different materials create different textures. sometimes intentionally, sometimes by chance.

One-off scale challenging light sculptures from organic origins. Structures formed from steel and copper, fused, slumped and blown glass, shield, diffuse or refract light.