Eryka Isaak

Frozen Rain

Created to reflect its material’s origins, Frozen Rain is made using scrap, water damaged, coated glass.

Frozen Rain hangs from the ceiling in 28 strands, or from the wall from a stainless steel frame at 100cm x 50cm x 200 cm (including wire drop, therefore variable).

Each stand has 6 or 7 ‘droplets’, all different in colour and shape. The coating on the glass fuses and reacts in the slumping process, its silvery yellow iridescence is how I imagine acid rain, rain being the absolute reason for the creation of this piece, the source of the damage, leading to its availability to me.

The piece is installed to be viewed from as many angles as possible, above, below, through.

Looking into the droplets, they create a fog -like presence, again displaying their water origins.

The droplets take on a life-form quality, as they hang together in such close proximity. Water-borne life forms, like an amoeba colony.

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