Eryka Isaak

Electron Stream

Arts and Business approached me, with the brief from Aston Business School, to make a piece of artwork, in my own style, to encapsulate the new vision of the school.

So responding to the brief, I created this piece, Electron Stream, to express the way I visualise the ethos of Aston Business School.

I wanted to represent the constant motion and energy created by the joining forces of different minds – in a maelstrom of ideas, when they come together in this special place.

New students enter with big ideas, new ideas, and meet each other, and gain new information from the lecturers, and members of the business community. With this new-found knowledge, they can go further with momentum and purpose.

So after seeing some photos of electron activity in a bubble chamber, a pressurised atmosphere, where particles collide with each other and then spin off, I saw this as what is happening within this building. Using glass, which has some remarkable properties, I have trapped various forms of copper and aluminium between two pieces, to create mini explosions within each one.

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