Eryka Isaak


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December 2006 I installed MIGRATION at the new Haematology Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. A 3 metre long glass installation, composed of 30, 70cm long curved pieces of glass. The piece fills a sky-light, providing thrilling distraction to patients in the waiting room.

March 2007, I completed two separate pieces for Bentilee Neighbourhood Centre in Stoke–on–Trent, one, using icons to celebrate the history of the area and the second, to explore the title Winter Garden, that the space it fills has been given. These were installed at a height of 6 metres. These were made up of 25 glass slabs.

June 2007 I took part in a show at The Three White Walls Gallery in Birmingham, SILVER STUDY, FIRE, and FROZEN RAIN were exhibited.

September 2007 I took on an ‘artist in residence’ opportunity at Moor Park Junior School in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, working with 240  children and some community members to create 3 window hangings two measuring 1.75m square, one .75m square, and two mobile screens. These screens can be transported around to show other schools what the children have made under my direction.

October 2007 I made 5 glass slabs to hang in the Offices of The Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Portman Square, London. Also in October I made a huge 12 slab hanging for a private house in London, working with the client using abstract and organic floral forms.

November 2007 I designed and installed two signs for Aston Business School, working with Perspex this time, to be able to create something much larger and manageable than glass. I have installed two 70cm square hanging slabs at The Vaults Bar on Newhall Hill in Birmingham.

December 2007 I took part in a show at Nature in Art at Wallsworth Hall in Gloucestershire,  and a weekend showcase in London with Design Nation, in association with the charity for Disabled Children. December 2007 I was also involved in MAC Craft fair in Birmingham, a brilliant opportunity for me to meet local collectors of my work.

January 2008 I conducted four visits to Haywood Engineering College, Burslem, to show the students how to fuse glass and manipulate the various forms of copper and other glass compatible materials, so they were able to create modular wall hangings of their own, to install around the school, and learn how to use the kilns to work with glass.

The first 3 months of 2008 were taken up creating ELECTRON STREAM, a 50 piece hanging installation for the foyer of Aston Business School in Birmingham, inspired by the activities of the school in relation to a particle accelerator, the energy and new particles created when bombarded against each other in a controlled atmosphere. The suspended pieces hang above the main entrance area, and a further 13 pieces are fitted to the wall, as if they were bursting out, and diving into, the walls

Meanwhile, I took part in an Arts and Business exhibition at City Inn in London, and a showcase at Baskerville House in Birmingham, exhibiting the largest slumped bowl I have made to date. I then started work on a piece for Cadbury’s new offices in Bournville, Birmingham. I created a piece, directly referencing the movement of liquid chocolate running from the machines into the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk moulds, exploiting the purple iridescence produced when firing coated glass.

May 2008 I donated an icon hanging, ICON30, to the charity Cure Leukaemia, to be sold at auction to raise much needed funds.

July 2008 was spent making a copper framed mirror for a private client, MIRROR MIRROR. They had been waiting for me to complete the work already commissioned before I could commence this piece. I have also continued to make large bowls, learning from experience to improve the forms and colour combinations created in the firing process.

In July I also donated a large slumped bowl to be auctioned at a fund raising ball, again for Cure Leukaemia. I continue to make small batches of small hangings, bowls and clocks, to supply a few carefully selected shops and galleries around the country, that have been selling my work for over 10 years. I am currently in an exhibition at Sir Harold Hillier’s Gardens in Romsey, Hampshire, and have just completed a commission to create 2 artworks for the dining rooms at Chaucer Plc insurance underwriters in London.

2009 has seen me set up a second workshop in Havelock Walk in London. I have made WALLFLOWERS for Jimmy’s Kitchen in Birmingham, and TWO GLASS SLABS at Smith and Williamson Investment Bank, Birmingham, and installed FIRE sculpture at Aston Business School. I have donated LONG SLAB to Cure Leukaemia Art Auction. I have also been commissioned to make Jaguar 9 awards to celebrate their 10th anniversary of the Land Rover and Arts and Business awards. These were presented to the winners by Patrick Stewart at Birmingham Town Hall.

I exhibited some outdoor pieces in ART IN THE GARDEN at Hillier’s Gardens near Southampton, from May till October.

Arts and Business hosted a showcase at their head office in Shad Thames over December, including my piece ‘3 Long Slabs’. They also curated a wall-based exhibition at Aston University – the Dean ended up purchasing the whole show!

Nature in Art did their regular Christmas showcase which I took part in, until January 2010.

Tregoning Contemporary Art hosted a showcase in Derby in May 2010, which gave me the opportunity to show a new triptych, Diaphanous Wave, too big for most other galleries!

I exhibited in an outdoor sculpture show at The Himalayan Garden, Ripon, North Yorkshire, which led to an installation in Wetherby.

Arts and Business sold two large pieces, to a solicitor’s head office in London.

I opened my small London studio in Havelock Walk, SE23, to the public, as part of Sydenham Arts Festival,  July 2010.

I have moved to a larger studio in Childers Street, Deptford